Mi Dolor and my Friends

By Alvaro Garza

Dolor, dolor, you’re an uninvited guest que no se ha ido.
You’ve been with me too long. Leave me alone, salte de mi.
Mi cuerpo has no more use for you, ya es tiempo de ir.
Déjame en paz; Quiero regresar to a normal me.
Doctor, doctor, respete mi dolor. I need more friends like these.
Mis endorfinas are now too low. What can you give me?
Le prometo, I will not overdose. Ya cargo naloxona,
No tengo dependencia, and I want to be pain-free.
Mamá, mamá, despierta. Are you sleeping o buscas euforia?
What are these pills? Opioides tomaste? Please, don’t leave me.
Promotora, please help. Contra la corriente, batallamos pobreza.
Please help find treatment y prevención, no queremos perder mami.