Funders Acknowledgement

The Latino Caucus for Public Health (LCPH) would like to thank our funders for their commitment to financially supporting our efforts to positively impact the health of Latinos. Thanks to generous gifts, LCPH has been able to continue our work.

Throughout the years, LCPH has had numerous sponsors from various foundations, corporations, and research institutes. Most recently, our organizational sponsors have included (in alphabetical order):

  • Alvaro Garza
  • Brendaly Rodríguez
  • Carricchi, Lopez & Associates
  • Gina Engler
  • Henry Montes
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jamie G. González
  • Jose Pietro Aparicio
  • Lisa Maldonado
  • Louise Villejo
  • Perfecto Muñoz
  • Rebecca Medina Pleitez
  • Ruth Enid Zambrana
  • The Bonta Group
  • The California Endowment