The Latino Caucus for Public Health’s mission is to represent and advocate for the health interests of the Latino community, both within and outside the American Public Health Association, while providing leadership opportunities for students and young professionals to engage in research, policy, and advocacy efforts. 

Latino Caucus for Public Health envisions itself and its members as playing a pivotal role in research, policy, and advocacy for health issues that impact Latinos throughout the Americas in order to influence social reform.

Since 1973, members continue to have a strong commitment to understanding and eliminating health disparities and have successfully championed avenues of social reforms to address these health issues.

  • To facilitate the active participation of Latino public health workers in the organizational and programmatic activities of APHA;

  • To provide a means for professional growth for Latino Caucus members and others in public health;
  • To engage in advocacy,  related to educating the public concerning Latino health issues and health concerns;

  • To empower Latinos to use their voices to speak out on Latino-focused health issues in and out of the United States.